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» Message from Ken & The Elders

WYD was founded back in 2000, I know that makes WYD older than a lot of our members. WYD was really fortunate and found some friends and family early on. like Mark, Drew and Joe just to name a few. With a family like atmosphere we built WYD into what you see today.

I'm truly proud of what we do here as a group a family. I'm proud of the lives we have connected together, no matter what clan you are part of now.

We currently host over 100 game servers in 3 different countries and 5 different locations. That's over 3000 game slots alone. We average about 30,000 visitors a day to our servers.

I need to specially thank our core members that has kept WYD going and really makes this worth it. These guys put in countless hours in the servers, website, on Teamspeak and Skype. In most cases unable to play because they are helping the public so much. Over the years we have watched some our youth go from High Schools to College, Some have gotten married and have had children. These members don't care what game we play or even if we are playing a game. Friendship and the overall WYD experience is what they want.

The Elders would like to personally Thank the younger members of the clan for taking on leadership roles here at WYD, helping in the forums, games and recruitment to just name a few. With out your help and hard work WYD would not be the best there is in gaming today.

Please keep up the good work, your work doesn't go un-noticed by any of us!!

-Ken & The Elders


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